ALUSHINE Industrial Group started its activities in 2011 as the first producer of Channelume in Iran. By examining and controlling the quality of the product and using the opinions of consumers in the past years, it has become one of the top edge brands in the country and replacing foreign products in the Iranian market. Our goal is to make the product easier to access at a lower cost and to protect the consumer. We are working to gain a share of the global market in addition to providing the country’s domestic needs. Dear Consumer Pay close attention to the packaging of fake brands with similar names to ALUSHINE, ALUSHINE in alphabetical form. Alu means aluminum Shine means bright.

 The way to identify the precision of the brand is precisely the name of the product, which in the case of counterfeit products is meaningless

Thank you dear consumer and your unwavering support

ALUSHINE’s products are used to create 3D billboards (bold), available in different colors and sizes.


ALUSHINE Channelume made of anodized aluminum sheet, resistant to moisture and oxidation, pallor, exfoliating, with flexibility…